Top 10 Museums to Visit in Shanghai

1. Shanghai Museum

Though Shanghai is known to most visitors as a modern metropolis, it possesses a profound history and culture. Shanghai Museum is for you to take in this point. Bronze wares, ceramics, coins, jade articles, sculptures, seals, and calligraphy and paintings from different dynasties are gathered here. Among all collections, the most treasured one is the Dake Bronze Tripod dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC - 771 BC).

2. Science and Technology Museum

There are altogether 12 exhibition zones in the museum, displaying rare wild animal specimens, geologic changes, robots, the Space, etc, and helping visitors to discover the secret of life and nature. It's especially suitable for a family visit since there are many games that kids can participate in. The 3D films are also a magnet to visitors.

3. Natural History Museum

Housing as many as 270 thousand specimens, Shanghai Natural History Museum is a must-see attraction for animal lovers. Here the giant fossils of Mamenxi Dinosaur and Yellow River Elephant are the best exhibits. Besides, you can see many specimens of fishes, mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.

4. Natural Wild Insect Kingdom

Various live insects and specimens are absolute eye-openers in this museum. You may encounter rare insects with strange appearances and snakes, frogs, turtles, and lizards that are relatively familiar to you. The butterfly specimens are also very eye-catching. Seasonal changes lead to different forms of insects, and this insect kingdom presents you different charm in different seasons.

5. Shanghai Auto Museum

In this museum, you can get to know how the modern cars evolved and how different parts are assembled to make up a car. The most classic collections are the nearly 40 antique cars with unique appearance from famous brands like Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Benz. By the way, you have a chance to experience simulated driving here.

6. China Art Museum

The museum was transformed from the China Pavilion of the Expo 2010 Shanghai, an upside-down red pyramid. It is dedicated to demonstrate the masterpieces of a number of China's modern and contemporary artists. The stunning highlight of the museum is the multi-media replica of the famous painting Riverside Scene during the Qingming Festival one thousand years ago, which vividly shows the life of all social sectors at that time.

7. China Maritime Museum

China's maritime history and strength are often underestimated. In this museum, you will learn more about China's history of building ships, development of navigation technologies, and advanced models of submarines and underwater robots. The replica of the ship used by Zheng He, a great voyager in China's Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), serves as the centerpiece.

8. Jewish Refugees Museum

The museum, built in 1907, was once the religious ceremonial center for the exiled Jewish refugees during the World War II. On the walls of the entrance, you can see photos of the surviving refugees. Inside, some articles of daily use and religious articles full of Jewish culture, as well as historical records about the Nazis persecuting Jewish are on exhibit.

9. Shanghai Film Museum

Visitors can not only experience the pleasure of film editing, recording, and sound effects designing here, but also have a knowledge of the over one hundred elaborately-selected representative films that were produced in Shanghai. The Avenue of Stars on the 4th floor gives you the feeling that you are a star on the red carpet.

10. Liuli China Museum

Liuli, a kind of colored artificial crystal, builds up a pure and crystal world here. There are Liuli works of French artists on the 2nd floor, and the owner's works on the 3rd floor, mostly conveying the glass art and Buddhist culture. Though the quantity of exhibits is not large, each one can be deemed as a masterpiece.