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Hong Kong Sightseeing Tour

Pack in tons of city sights all in one day with this 8-hour sightseeing tour of Hong Kong, including a buffet dinner cruise and hotel transport.

Lantau Island Tour

Lantau is known for its scenery and wildlife, but experiencing its top attractions in just one day can be tricky. Tick off several highlights on a tour that includes skip-the-line access to the Ngong Ping 360, vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery, and a scenic boat ride from Tai O.

Suzhou and Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

Appreciate China’s provincial delights during a full-day tour of two charming traditional towns from Shanghai. Escape the metropolitan mayhem of the city and see how daily life has remained unchanged in these quaint and ancient enclaves.

Best Cities to Visit in China


The UNESCO City of Gastronomy and capital city of the Sichuan Province is truly in a class of its own. Yep, there’s a reason there are so many Sichuan restaurants are so popular in the West.


If you’re looking for more of a town than a city, and somewhere with culture and beauty in abundance, we suggest heading to Shaxi in Yunnan.


Xiahe is not often on must-visit lists, but the Tibetan culture and its surrounding landscape mean that it’s certainly worth the visit.

China Travel Tips

  • 1

    Be Aware of Pollution

    Air pollution is a serious and worsening problem in many Chinese cities. The largest ones — Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu — low air quality can seriously impact your visit.

  • 2

    Don’t Fly. Take the Train instead

    Our advice to avoid flying while in China is rooted in more than just environmental consciousness. The problem with flights in China is that they are notorious for being delayed or cancelled altogether.

  • 3

    Get a VPN before you Arrive in China

    You have undoubtedly heard about the challenges of staying connected while in China. It’s not just Facebook and Instagram that are blocked, but the entire Google ecosystem, including maps, search, Google Drive, Gmail, and more.

Heroes Behind the Company

China provides travel opportunities of all kinds, of all forms, and for everyone. We, at Maybe China, believe in presenting China in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. We want to show you the possibilities that are immense and unending, from the wide-open and empty panoramas of Tibet to the shove but the fashion of Shanghai.

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